Update your own personal details

As an existing member you may need to change personal details stored in your Profile, including the following data:

•    Bank account e.g. sort code, account number.
•    Home address.
•    Email address
•    Landline or mobile phone number.
•    Login password.

To do this login to the WA website https://www.warsashassociation.net/, open your Profile (click on View Profile), click  > Edit, > Settings and/ or Profile. Amend details as necessary, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on > Save.

Alternatively you may notify a change using the appropriate form below depending on your country of residence, and posting it to the address on the form.

•    If in the United Kingdom → Download here
•    If in Australia → Download here
•    If in New Zealand → Download here
•    If in any other country → Download here

You will find further instructions about how to update your personal details on the website via this link to the Help forum → Profile - create/ edit your Member Profile.

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