Sounds of The School Of Navigation

Bugle calls were used at The School of Navigation at Warsash (throughout 1935-1971?) to wake cadets in the morning, at Divisions and Sunset Ceremony, at mealtimes, Pay Parade and on other occasions. Many ex-cadets retain strong recollections of cadet buglers of varying degrees of proficiency. I'm sure we all tried our best! The best part for me, apart from 6d extra on Pay Day, was waking the rest of you up at 0630 for the morning run!

Here are three bugle calls providing a short trip down memory lane for ex-SoN cadets. Also I've included two traditional hymns played by the Band of The Royal Marines, Abide With Me and Eternal Father Strong to Save. If you have other similarly sound recordings reminiscent for you of Warsash please let me know.

Reveille Sunset Sunset Abide with Me& Last Post.mp3 Abide with Me& Last Post.mp3
Reveille Sunset Last Post Abide with Me and Last Post
(Royal Marines Band)
Eternal Father, Strong To Save
(Royal Marines Band)