Website rules

Host Server Rules

This is just a friendly reminder as we know Members will not intentionally infringe website conventions. The key thing is to be on guard against accidental infringement, particularly with regard to copyright, viruses and spam. So please ensure you have permission or own any photos or other content you upload and that anti-virus and anti-spam measures are effective on your computer.

Our website content is monitored by the hosting company which has the right to suspend or close down customer's websites without warning, even if infringement is accidental. It has actually done this in the past to certain customers. We use a shared hosting service hence its obligation to protect all customers.

The provider's definition of banned content includes anything for which we don't have copyright, spam, viruses, offensive material, anything of a sexual nature, and links to such content elsewhere. It is the sole arbiter in these matters.

Using the WA Website

Please stay on-topic when using the forums. Always select the most appropriate forum and gallery title when uploading photos.

If you wish to contact staff on a matter that requires attention do so using the Contact us link if confidential, or post a message at Notice Board/ Forums (viewed by all members) rather than by private email.


Just so you are aware, our website staff (Administrators and Moderators) review daily the content placed on this website. In the highly unlikely event the staff (for the Committee) thinks material may infringe the provider's rules, a request may be made for it to be modified, or it could be removed.


Warsash Association accepts no responsibility for material posted on the website.