School of Navigation - 1946-1949

September 1946: The Department of Navigation moved to Warsash. On the 2nd October, the Senior Department was re opened for instruction and on 9th December for residence. It was not possible to house the Cadets until the buildings had been re-furbished.

Between 3rd December 1946 and 23rd May 1947 the Junior Department was housed in the Southampton Education Department Summer School Camp at Stubbington. (These premises still exist and are used as an Educational Department of Hampshire County Council).

Between 6th August and 20th August 1947 all Cadets lived at Warsash and then moved to H.M.S Hawke, Upper Yardman's College, Exbury, Hants (The estate of a branch of the Rothschild family now restored to its former glory).

19th November 1947: A Link flying trainer was installed for use with the air navigation courses.

28th January 1948: All Cadets were back in residence at Warsash. In this year the Department of Navigation then sited at Warsash, following representations made to the Ministry of Education became a direct grant school and was then governed by a Committee of the Council of the University, consisting of the Vice Chancellor and members appointed by both the Court and the Senate of the University as well as members appointed by the Public Authorities and the Council itself. From that time the title was altered to The School of Navigation, University College of Southampton.

February 1948: Radar Observer courses were started.

September 1949: In recognition of the value of the Warsash Cadet Course, the Ministry of Transport increased the remission of sea service from half time to full time to count as a maximum of 9 months. This being the first Cadet course in the country to be given this remission.