This is a general explanation of the main website sections and how to get involved with the online community. Step by step guides for many specific tasks e.g. uploading a photo, are in the sub-forum Help in the left side menu. These are being assembled into a series of lessons to be sent to members. They are listed in the News section here → News/ Lessons

If in difficulty don't hesitate to use the contact us link in the drop-down menu.


You may use the discussion forums (or just, forums) for carrying on conversations with other members.

To access a forum:
  • Open the 'Contents' drop-down menu and choose 'Forums'.
  • You then choose a forum to enter from those available.
  • You will see topics within the forum (assuming some have been made already).
Next you can either go into an existing topic, or start a new one.

To go into an existing topic:
  • Click one of the topic titles to enter the topic.
  • Read through the existing posts (if there are lots they may be split across pages, so you might need to click a 'Next' button until you get to the last page).
  • If you would like to reply, enter your post in the 'Quick reply' box and click the 'Quick reply' button. All other members will then be able to see your reply, and members who have already posted within the topic will be given an e-mail notification about it.
To create a new topic:
  • Click the blue 'Add topic' button.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Click the grey 'Add topic' button.


You can add an image or add a video. By default your gallery will be put into your own personal gallery, but you can also choose other galleries, such as the gallery corresponding to your graduation year. The image/video will put the news into a validation queue and the administrator(s) will be e-mailed so that they can validate the submission (super moderators and moderators will also be able to validate).

It is often easier to add images/videos via the add links that are shown inside individual galleries.


Only the administrator(s) may upload new journals. If you'd like to contribute to the next journal see the instructions on the journals page.


You can add news to the site. The website will put the news into a validation queue and the administrator(s) will be e-mailed so that they can validate the submission.

Events (Calendar)

You can add calendar events to the site. The website will put the event into a validation queue and the administrator(s) will be e-mailed so that they can validate the submission.

Member's Profile (changing your settings)

Click the 'View profile' link at the top of the website to change your settings. After clicking the Settings tab you will find sub-tags to:
  • Edit profile (edit information about yourself, and change your password)
  • Edit avatar (we've supplied lots of avatars for you to pick from, or you can upload your own)
  • Edit photo (upload a photo of yourself)
  • Edit signature (change the text that is shown underneath all your forum posts)

Images of the day

You can add an IOTD to the site. The website will put the IOTD into a queue and the administrator(s) will pick a new one from the queue whenever they choose to.


You can keep up-to-date with all the content on our website using an RSS Feed Reader, such as FeedReader. RSS is a technology that allows you to subscribe to a news feed, so that you get regular updates delivered to your computer.
Think of it as the digital subscription to a newspaper.

When you visit any page of the website in a modern web browser such as Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7 you will see a little feed icon (like the image to the right) adjacent to the address bar. If you click this you will be given an option to subscribe, and if you've installed some software like FeedReader, the subscription can be made via that software.

Different pages on the website provide different feeds. For example, if you are viewing a gallery, the feed will allow you to subscribe to get updates whenever new images and videos are added. These updates are automatic and almost instant.

The feeds you are most likely to want are: