Electronic payment

If you have online access to your own UK bank account you can use the details below to pay into the WA account. Please also set up a Standing Order to ensure your subscription is automatically paid every year. After reading this page click here → Membership application to proceed with your application.

If living outside the UK or in Australia, New Zealand or North America, to avoid disproportionate bank transfer charges there are several convenient and reliable electronic payment services you can use with your Credit Card or Debit Card. Australian, New Zealand and North America Branch members pay directly to their Branch, not the UK.

Whether to use an electronic services is entirely up to you. The WA does not recommend any one service ahead of any other. For further information about two typical electronic services use the links below. Whatever payment method you use please remember to pay your annual subscription with a Banker's Order each year on time.

Using an electronic payment service

Electronic payment services require you to set up a personal account on the provider's website for which there is no charge. There will be a charge each time you transfer money based on the amount transferred electronically from your account to the WA current account (details below).

XOOM and Paypal both charge less than US$10 for transferring an annual subscription of GBP15. You will need to set up a Bankers (Standing) Order to ensure your subscriptions are automatically paid in future years. Please check service costs carefully beforehand with the supplier as these vary with time. There may be a currency conversion fee. However the transfer fee plus any currency conversion fee is likely to be signifintly less than bank international transfer charges. When setting up an account and making payment you will need to supply some or all of the following details.
Applicant (or Member) Recipient
Your full name The Warsash Association
Your full address including country NatWest Bank, Fareham Branch, 52 West Street
Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 0JX UK
Your phone number Account number 60594810 Sort code 52-41-32
IBAN: GB20NWBK52413260594810; BIC: NWBKGB2L
Your bank's name and address, your bank account name, number and sort code. Email address watreas@warsashassociation.net
← Use these links to go to electronic payment service websites →
After you create your account the provider saves your information and the information about the recipient (WA) in your user profile on its website. Thereafter you will be able to send money whenever you want to without re-entering the details each time. Please read the providers terms and conditions carefully.

You can use these electronic payment services via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Providers list the countries you can send money to which include the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. They also allow you to track your transaction. You should receive a series of email notifications informing you of the status of your transaction.