Vision and Mission Statement


The Warsash Association will be an organisation where past and present cadets, students and staff can meet and communicate to reunite in friendship globally, to promote the excellence of the Warsash Maritime School, to provide a network to assist cadets and students to develop their careers in the maritime industry.


The Vision of the Association will be accomplished through:
  • Adherence to the Constitution and values of the Warsash Association, and establishing common standards of administration and communication throughout the Association and its Branches;
  • Meetings and events organised a) in the UK by the Executive Committee, b) overseas by Branch Committees and c) informal social gatherings arranged anywhere by local groups;
  • Regular contact with the Warsash Maritime School to review opportunities to assist students with their chosen maritime careers and encourage them to become members of the Association;
  • Recognising that the Members are a valuable resource of maritime expertise which can be used to promote the maritime industry to young people;
  • Networking within the maritime industry to promote the Association and expand the membership based on its Vision and Mission Statement;
  • Establishing sources of industry expertise within the Association to provide guidance and recommendations on maritime affairs;
  • Above all, creating an organisation where former cadets, students and staff can enjoy their membership and renew their bonds of friendship resulting from the Warsash experience.