School of Maritime Studies - 1972-1984

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1st April 1972: Responsibility for the School of Navigation was transferred from the University to the Education Authority of the City of Southampton, the purpose of the change being to take the first steps towards the creation of a new and larger school to be called the School of Maritime Studies, covering both the School of Navigation and the Marine Engineering Department of the then Southampton College of Technology, later to become Southampton Solent University.

1st June 1974: Upon the retirement of Capt. Stewart, Capt. C.N. Phelan was appointed as Director of the School of Navigation. That year also saw the transfer of the School from the Southampton Education Committee to the Hampshire Education Committee, consequent on local government re organisation. The next few years were to see a rapid development of a number of special courses in response to requests from the shipping industry. These included hydrographic courses, sea survival courses, gas and chemical tanker safety courses, help in setting up a college of maritime studies at Chah Bahar, Iran also courses for the Sultan of Oman's naval cadets.

Courses for H.M.Customs and Excise cutter personnel, Ship Management Courses, fire fighting courses and in 1979 manned model ship handling courses at Marchwood power station lake. The net result was that Navigation was then only about 10% of the schools work, which prompted a name change to become The College of Nautical Studies..