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John Lott 1947: attended the School of Navigation in 1947. He served his time with BI. After passing his Second Mates' ticket he sailed with Alfred Holt until passing his Master Mariners F-G certificate in 1956. In 1957 he left the sea, emigrated to Australia and worked in sheep farming. Later he became owner of a large sheep property called Carringal at Narrandera, NSW. Hoping to complete his memoirs in due course John has sent this interesting shortened account of his life far which you can download.
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Daniel Gunn was born in Australia and attended the School of Navigation as a cadet in 1955. In this first part of his story he relates how he went to sea including working his passage to the UK, his year at Warsash and selection by Port Line. The remainder of Danny's story describes how he spent over 10 years sailing around the world as a "yachtie" with his wife and children before returning to Australia. He lives in Tasmania.The final part of his story will be published here in the near future.
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Barrie Bramhill was at Warsash as a cadet in 1951. These extremely well written accounts relate to his time serving with the Ministry of Defence's LST fleet (Landing Ship Tanks) between July 1958 and March 1969. The first paper describes Barrie's time aboard LSTs and the second paper outlines the origins, construction and history of these vital military support vessels.
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Andrew Manser was a Warsash cadet in 1959. He served his time and sailed on the bridge with Royal Mail Lines. (More about Andy's career will be added in due course.) He now lives at Larchamp, France where he retired with his wife in 2009.
Download Account of passage in yacht Ondine from the River Beaulieu Hampshire to La Roche Bernard near Lorient