The School of Navigation - Old Cadets Association

At the end of the Second World War Captain Wakeford, the Director of the Southampton School of Navigation sent out a general letter to all ex-Cadets giving news of the future of the School. He also included items of interest regarding ex Cadets who had written to him relating to their sea going experiences. Many ex-cadets replied to the Director's letter, thanking him and also asking if it would be possible to periodically circularise a letter from the School giving news and the whereabouts of ex-Cadets. This the school agreed to and following that a group of ex-Cadets who had done their pre-sea training at Southampton formed themselves into the "Old Cadets Association".

Amongst the rules which were drawn up apart from naming the Association "The Old Cadets Association" were these as follows:
  • Membership was open to all ex-Cadets of the School of Navigation, Southampton.
  • Subscriptions the annual subscription shall be six shillings, payable in advance on the 1st January.
  • All Cadets who left the School from April 1949 onwards and who permitted the necessary deductions from their Deposit Allowance Accounts were automatically covered for membership for four years from the date of leaving School.
  • All members of the Association shall be entitled to receive the Year Book, the School Magazine "All Hands" and any notices which may subsequently be issued concerning the Association.
  • Social functions It is hoped that all members who have the opportunity, will revisit the School and that as Membership numbers increased, opportunities will occur for the organisation of 'Re-Unions' at the School or other suitable place.
  • Ties and Blazers The Association tie is to be of dark blue ribbed silk bearing miniature dragons and flags taken from the Armorial bearings of the University College, Southampton, worked in at intervals. The Association Blazer is to be of dark blue flannel, double breasted and with metal buttons bearing the Merchant Navy Crown. The badge on the pocket is to comprise the above mentioned dragon and flag on a larger scale. Ties and Blazers will be purchasable only from the Southampton branches of the two firms who supplied School uniforms i.e. Gieves Ltd or Miller Rayner and Haysom Ltd. Ties would be available from 1st September 1951 and blazers 1st April 1951.

The Old Cadets Association lapsed in the mid 1970's. At the behest of Captain C N Phelan., the Director of the School, Captain T J Metcalf and others reformed the organisation in 1984 as "The Warsash Association" with a wider membership to include any person who had attended a Merchant Navy course at the School of Navigation or its successors.