WA Privacy Statement (2018 EU General Data Protection Regulations)

This statement explains how the Warsash Association (the Association) handles and uses data that we collect about alumni of the Warsash Maritime School (WMS) and of the School of Navigation Southampton, (1935-1972), the School of Maritime Studies (1972 – 1984) and the College of Nautical Studies (1984-1989) in order to manage our ongoing relationship.

We will retain your data indefinitely or until you request us to do otherwise. When changes are made to this statement we will publish an updated version on our website and notify you by other communication channels as we deem appropriate or necessary.

The data controller for your personal data is the Warsash Association (wasec@warsashassociation.net) which is responsible for monitoring compliance with relevant legislation in relation to the protection of personal data. The Data Processor is the Association’s webmaster (wawebmast@warsashassociation.net) who processes the data assisted by the Membership Secretary (wamemsec@warsashassociation.net).

The legal basis for processing your personal data is that it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests. We have concluded that our interests do not impact inappropriately on your fundamental rights and freedoms.

The WA website at https://www.warsashassociation.net is protected by integral data security software which contains its own inbuilt firewall. Data transmission is encrypted.

We process and share your personal data with other WA members for a number of purposes including a) administration, b) to inform you of events organised by the Association, and c) to notify you of information posted by members or the committees of the Association. Your personal data is not shared with any person who is not an Association member or any other organisation without your permission.

Online members may change, rectify or erase their own data and stop the receipt of communications if they so require. For members not online, if requested we will do that for you. To receive the All Hands journal, if opted for a printed copy do not delete your postal address and if opted for an electronic copy do not delete your email address.

Data is kept for historical purposes, to safeguard against contacting a person who has previously resigned or has already declined to join or is on our ‘In Memoriam’ list of deceased members.

Alumni of the WMA who are not members of the Association
Personal data of WMA alumni who are not members of the Association are processed only for research, statistical or historical purposes. These data cover the period from the 1940s to the present day. They are used for recruitment research and to monitor age groups for statistical purposes e.g. membership per decade in which the individual attended the WMA.

(Amended to v7 - February 2021)