Privacy policy

Like many websites our website stores cookies i.e. information required for operational purposes. It also logs basic information about your IP address.

Members are able to see all of their own details in their Profile. Other than senior website staff nobody will see the address or phone number of another Member. However Members can contact other Members using the website email facility at the bottom of a Member's Profile.

We will send WA emails and newsletters electronically to all Members from time to time.

All shared and private-posts are stored on the server and may be reviewed by website staff. If you do want to keep something totally private, please do not use our WA website to transmit it.

Access to Members' areas is protected by login username and password. A security log lists failed login attempts. Website features are built in to protect the website from hackers and bots.

We will not share personal details outside of the Warsash Association unless legally required to do so.