Heraldic Arms used by The School of Navigation

The original heraldic arms used by the Hartley University College, later to become Southampton University College was devised in 1902. Its motto "Strenuis Ardua Cedunt" (Difficulties yield to effort) being attributed to Professor Mason, who taught English and Maths 1902/20. Some 46 years later, the University College of Southampton having superseded The Hartley University College, applied to the College of Heralds for the re-grant of arms and it was then found out that the Hartley University College had not in fact ever made representation for them in the first place.

However on further representation, on 15th March 1948 the College of Arms did by grant of letters patent grant and assign the University College with the arms that is to say: "Argent a Hart trippant Gules on a Chief Azure an open Book proper edged and bound Or and for the Crest on a Wreath of the Colours a Dragon rampant Or supporting a Staff proper flying there from to the sinister a Flag per fesse Argent and Gules charged with three Roses counter charged barbed and seeded also proper".

This coat of arms is (shown above left) and it was subsequently re-granted to Southampton University in 1955. It was used by the School of Navigation being a department of the University College of Southampton and appeared on the front cover of All Hands up to No.57 November 1971. However preceding this in 1950 agreement was reached with the University College that the School of Navigation could use the dragon holding the staff and flag as their crest and this was ultimately incorporated into the Cadets cap badge, replacing the standard M.N. badge which had been worn hitherto.

On 16th April 1973, the Education Committee of the Southampton City Council (which had authority to commit the City Council) passed the following resolution :- 'That the Director of the Southampton School of Navigation (Capt.H.Stewart) be authorised to apply to the College of Heralds on behalf of the Authority for the granting of a revised heraldic badge for the School of Navigation. This was communicated to Dr Conrad Swan, York Herald at the College of Arms who drafted this memorial to the Earl Marshall of England to be signed by Capt Stewart.

The University Authorities said that they would be pleased for the badge granted to be based on the Crest of the University with such technical differences as the Kings of Arms may see fit. In due course, the patent was issued beautifully inscribed on vellum. The official wording of the armorial badge was: "A dragon rampant or charged on the underside of each wing with an anchor azure and supporting a staff proper flying there from to the sinister a flag per fess argent and gules charged with three roses counter-changed barred and seeded also proper".

Above centre is the original crest and to its right, a slight modification to the design made by The Warsash Maritime Academy in 2007.