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For ex-cadets, students & staff of Warsash  Maritime School, founded in 1935 as The School of Navigation, and the Warsash Superyacht Academy

Recruiting new members

Following the initiative started by Jim MacIntyre (1959) in March 2008, WA membership has increased by a phenomenal 61% (Feb 2010) in sharp contrast to preceding years. To see lists of new joiners click here → List of members. With 25 new members signed up so far in 2010 we are well on our way to beating the record of 97 joiners in 2009.

Jim also maintains the membership records as advised by Membership Secretary Reg Belcourt. Many members have assisted in his vigorous recruitment drive during 2008 / 2009 including Ray Briskham, John Downs, John Clark, Neil Martin, Alan Jordan and Peter Isherwood to name but a few.

Here are some suggestions if you want to help expand our network of contacts by researching websites, email and phone.
  • Use your cadet year end graduation photo as the start point for your research, tracing and contacting others in the same term as you at Warsash.
  • Hunt out material from your Warsash days e.g. photos, back copies of All Hands (some available here → Journals).
  • Search telephone directories e.g. BT ; Yellow and White Pages (incl. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa and many other countries).
  • Identify journals which may be prepared to include details about the WA and websites which may be willing to insert a reciprocal link (email to
Leave a message for the Recruitment Team in the sub-forum Recruiting with information for others to see and use.