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All Hands AH2022-1 Login & use this link AH2022-1 (UK Spring) to download, save and read this next superb 44 page edition of AllHands

Alternatively you could visit the website's Journal section then open the 2021 year cell from where you can read or download this journal edition in pdf format or just read it as a flipbook (read about flipbooks below).

Those members who have opted for a printed copy (likely to take until after Christmas to be printed, posted and delivered) are recommended also to download and read this electronic version in advance.

When you download AH save a copy in a folder on your computer for future reference. The main advantages of using the electronic version are:
  • being able to use its interactive website links to open website pages including member's website Profiles (login required if it's a WA website link);
  • the automatic generation of emails directly from addresses within the document;
  • all pictures on the covers and the internal pages are in colour (except any originals which are black and white).
Anyone who wants to change from a printed copy to electronic version only, may change the All Hands option in their website Profile from one to zero (if you need help email me).

Flipbooks on the website:

A flipbook is an on-screen presentation which flips over the pages horizontally by using a series of moving pictures to simulate motion. It looks like flipping over the pages of a book, instead of using the more familiar scroll bar at the right-hand edge. You will also see the link Download as pdf document enabling you to save the document in pdf format on your computer if you wish.

To familiarise yourself with flipbooks go to Journals page, click on any year cell, select a journal & click where you see View as a Flip-Book & download to view in flipbooks format. Use the buttons shown below.

2021-09-02_flipbooks action buttons.jpg

It's a good idea to use the X-like symbol at the bottom first, to expand the flipbook to full-screen size then if necessary use the + & - signs  to increase & decrease the display size as you find convenient.

It is really self-explanatory but you may need a little practice to become familiar with displaying and reading these documents online in flipbooks format.

Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)