Notice 2021/18 - New - Warsash History page & Optional Forum views

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Work on on enhancing various sections of the modernised website continues.


WA President and ex-Director of the WMA Professor John Millican has brought Our History section up to date. I have often wondered why and when the numerous establishment name changes took place over decades past. When I read John's information his clear and logical explanations provided the answers so thank you for that John.

If you have any photos to illustrate the history of Warsash in those more recent years please send them to me.


Now is a good time to explore the Forum.
  • The number of Forum subjects has been reduced and the overal structure revised to simplify access.
  • There are now two alternative ways of viewing content, Grouped Forums View and Filter View.
Login and enter the Forum to find out how easy it is to use (or use the website links below).

Grouped Forums View (default presentation)
  • Organised in five Main subjects (one is restricted to committee Member's access).
  • Main subject Forums automatically expand to reveal sub-forums when you enter and compress when you leave.
  • Includes website Help - for Members and Help - for committee members (includes WA admin procedures) depending on Usergroup. (Following the 2021 website modernisation project these will be updated as soon as time permits.)
Filter View (optional presentation)
  • Displays the most recent posts and others with related content e.g. same topic.
  • Not organised into subject groups.
  • Over 5,700 Forum messages have been posted since 2009 although relatively few in recent years. The Forum is the ideal place to share and respond to comments on WA news, events (when they resume) and other information emailed in website News section Notices. It is self-perpetuating - one post attracts other members to respond, each one motivating more members to post.
  • Is the Forum or social media best for WA?
  • Neither is 'best' - they have different roles.
  • The Forum's purpose is to discuss WA news, events, personal observations, experiences at sea/ashore, news of 'long lost friends' etc, with colleagues.
  • The purpose of the WA Facebook Group, Twitter & Instagram accounts is to publicise WA and encourage non-members to join. Many items on the website are now automatically fed to our social media accounts.
  • Forum posts are available to 494 current members who are online (96% of the membership). However WA Facebook Group only has 354 members, a minority of whom are WA members so posts made there can never be read by the vast majority of WA members.
  • Grouped Forums Views
  • Organised in a simple menu structure so it's easy to find subjects and posts without undue scrolling or searching for an earlier item.
  • Four Main Forum groups exist which include about 25 sub-forum, plus Help (guidelines) .
  • The Main Forums expand as you enter and contract as you leave.
  • Forum subjects are based on our common maritime interests and Warsash experiences (can be added to or modified on request).
  • Click the 'yellow bell' button (Monitor) on the right of headings and posts and you will be notified whenever messages by others are subsequently posted e.g. your shipping company, WA event, Branch.
  • Filter View
  • Use 'Filter View' to see recent posts.
  • Your post will (initially) appear at or near the top of the 'Filter View' option.
  • The following changes will be made or are being explored as and when my time permits.
  • New set of 'tiles'on the Home page containing articles for guests to read, intended to encourage potential joiners to apply for membership. (I have already selected some articles from old editions of All Hands but if you can provide or suggest an article from any appropriate source which you think will serve the purpose please let me know.)
  • Revise & update website guidelines stored in the Forum for Members and procedures for committee Members.
  • I am exploring ways which might allow certain Forum posts fed to our social media accounts to be read without logging in to the WA website i.e. available to non-WA members.
  • Other functions to simplify admin tasks for our WA Membership Secretary.
Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)