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For ex-cadets, students & staff of Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering, founded 1935 as The School of Navigation, and the Warsash Superyacht Academy

Notice 2020/19  Weds. 9 Sept 2020 - WA Constitution proposed changes, iPad tip & AH2020-2

Proposed New WA Constitution (2020)
For some time it has been one of the Executive Committee’s objectives to review the Warsash Association Constitution.  The current pandemic has focussed our attention on how, for the future, we conduct our business in varying situations.   In the attached proposed Constitution, which seeks to give greater flexibility to meet circumstances, you will see  additions and deletions that should be self-explanatory. Note that words for deletion are hatched-out and words for insertion are shown in red.


or from website here WA 2017 Constitution (proposed changes)

Adoption of the new proposed Constitution will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting, 12th November 2020. If you have any comments ahead of the AGM please send them to the WA Secretary David Patterson (

Interesting tip from Alex Lang (LangA58) NZ Branch
Using iPad if you copy All Hands to 'books' you can easily refer and read anytime and it’s also in flip page.

All Hands 2020-2 (UK Summer)
Use this link
to download, save and read the first edition of All Hands (AH2020-2) published by our new Editor Stan Bowles.
To mark the beginning of his era Stan has put together a bumper edition which 'weighs in' at a record 60 pages. This has been possible due to Stan's enthusiastic approach, the submission of several excellent articles from our Australian Branch organised by Michael Butcher (some also carried over to the next journal) and content submitted some time ago by others which was not included in 2019. The next All Hands may well return to its previous size of 44 pages but in the meantime I think members have enough reading material here to occupy them for some time to come.

Visit the Journal section of the website and open the year 2020 cell to open and read the journal in flipbook format (re: flipbooks - see Notice 2020-14 & 2020/18).

Those members who have opted for a printed copy which normally takes at least seven to be printed, posted and delivered, are urged to also download and read this electronic version in advance, as standard practice. Also on this occasion, due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus, there may be a greater delay in receiving printed copies.

When you download to read AH I suggest you also save a copy in a known location on your computer for future reference. The main advantages of using the electronic version are:
  • being able to use its interactive website links to open website pages including member's website Profiles (login if WA website access is required);
  • the automatic generation of emails directly from addresses within the document;
  • all pictures on the covers and the internal pages are in colour (except any originals which are black and white).
Anyone who wants to change from a printed copy to electronic version only, may change the All Hands option in their website profile from one to zero (if in any difficulty let me know by email and I will help you).

Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)