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For ex-cadets, students & staff of Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering, founded 1935 as The School of Navigation, and the Warsash Superyacht Academy

Notice 2020/14 Sat. 4 July 2020 - All Hands AH2020-1 & Flipbooks

Webmaster's Message - I shall be making changes to my computer and my Internet provider over the next 3 - 4 days. Please exercise your usual patience if my responses from the website or by email are delayed.

All Hands Journal (AH2020-2)
Our new editor Stan Bowles (BowlesS69) is making good progress with preparations for AH2020-2 due out in August. If you have any content you wish him to consider for publication, including about the featured shipping company Houlder Brothers please send it to him at your earliest opportunity via

Flipbooks on the website: A flipbook is an on-screen document or book which flips over the pages horizontally by using a series of moving pictures to simulate motion. The result is a representation of turning pages as in real life instead of the reader having to scroll down through pages using the more familiar scroll bar at the right-hand edge.

We have recently enhanced the website to display Flipbooks on relevant pages, at the suggestion of our new All Hands Editor Stan Bowles.

Please take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with how to use our flipbooks via the information below and practice. Although we cannot download these flipbooks we can still of course download the same documents in pdf format to our computers, to read & print exactly as we always have done.

Using Flipbooks: Example: Go to Journals page, click on any year cell, select a journal & click where you see View as a Flip-Book & download to view in flipbooks format.

Make sure you use the X-like symbol at the bottom first, to expand the flipbook to full-screen size then if necessary use the + & - signs  to increase & decrease the display size as you find convenient.

You will also see the link Download as pdf document enabling you to read the document online in pdf format if you wish.

Here are illustrations of the control functions to use. It is all really self-explanatory but you may find you require a little practice to become familiar with displaying and reading these documents online.
  1. Make full-screen size
  2. Turn pages & other options
  3. Display and download options
The flipbook feature has been added only to the following relevant website pages.

Journals (all recent & past journals inside all year cells)
Committees (including minutes and accounts on sub-pages)
History (also all documents on sub-pages)
Lists of Members
In memoriam

Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)