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For ex-cadets, students & staff of the Warsash Maritime Academy, founded 1935 as The School of Navigation & the Warsash Superyacht Academy

Notice 2019/02 Sun. 6 Jan. 2019 - Articles Required for All Hands AH2019-1

Welcome to the New All Hands Editor

This is a revised & expanded version of the preliminary Notice regarding the submission of articles for the next edition of All Hands, sent out on 23 December whilst we were more concerned about preparing for Christmas. I have added  some suggested topics below which you may be able to write about, but it is not of course an exclusive list.

Our new All Hands editor Michael Frost, who belongs to our North America Branch, officially became the new All Hands Editor on 1st January 2019. Congratulations and thank you Michael; we shall do our very best to help you in the role. Members have been highly supportive of me during my eight years of involvement, especially those spent as editor. I have every confidence Michael will receive the same enthusiastic support from members.

To give Michael the best start possible, and assuming you have recovered from the New Year festivities, I would ask you to prepare and submit any stories about your time at sea, or indeed any maritime-related subject. In particular, if you sailed with or have a story about South America Saint Line, which is the shipping company being featured in AH2019-1, I know Michael will be keen to hear from you.

If you use the following Editor email address your email will automatically be forwarded to Michael's private address and for the time being, also to me.

Here is a list of topics which might trigger some ideas in your mind.
  1. Your time at Warsash;
  2. WMA Officer Cadet training today;
  3. Service at sea as an Officer Cadet, junior or senior officer;
  4. Working ashore anywhere in the world;
  5. Specialisations - navigation, engineering, electronic, superyacht, oil-rig drilling & supply, stevedoring, ship management, ferries, tugs, ship-broking, maritime legal, hydrography, ship architecture, ship-building, yachting;
  6. Shipping incidents, accidents & disasters, fire at sea, rescues etc.;
  7. Humorous incidents, maritime-related cartoons;
  8. Unusual cargoes, cargo-planning, loading/ discharging;
  9. Maritime industry current and future developments e.g. ship designs, propulsion/engineering, navigation, automation;
  10. Group article from individuals who work/ worked together e.g. for a company or in a specific country.
Submitting content as early as possible and by mid-March at the latest will be a great help to Michael, bearing in mind AH2019-1 will be published in April.

Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)