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For ex-cadets, students & staff of the Warsash Maritime Academy, founded 1935 as The School of Navigation & the Warsash Superyacht Academy

Notice 2018/02A  Sun. 7th Jan. 2018 - Great British Railway Journeys TV programme (YOUTUBE LINK NOW INCLUDED)

Great British Railway Journeys featuring Warsash Maritime Academy
LINK JUST SENT BY ANTHONY IRELAND >> Great British Railway Journeys [BBC] - 04 January 2018 - YouTube
Discussion about WMA and the Warsash Association occupied about 6 minutes air time at the start of Friday night's edition of Great Railway Journeys TV series on BBC2. In addition to Roger Holt playing his part as Michael Portillo's 'straight man' so well, two WMA cadets also were interviewed. If you missed it and you live in the UK you should be able to see it via the BBC iPlayer catchup up service. It was good publicity for WA and the programme overall is well worth viewing.

You'll find some 'still's' on the website at the link below
 taken from my TV which should give you a flavour of the programme (excuse any unavoidable blurring).  Those of you on Facebook may already have seen them:
>> Gallery Home/ Warsash Association/ UK Events/ 2018 Great British Railway Journeys at Warsash

I looked on YouTube to see if its available yet but although the previous day's episode is there this one is not.

If you see it on YouTube before I do please let me know and I will broadcast the link to all.

Your input to WA Facebook Group is needed
The purpose behind Facebook Groups is for all who join to post content rather than leaving it to the Administrator. So don't hesitate if you spot anything on the Internet which is maritime related and which WA members would be interested in, past, present or about the future of the maritime industry.

You don't always have to copy a link when you post content from elsewhere on the Internet. Very often postings on another Group or Page will display a 'Share' link (although ours disappeared about a month ago & I'm desperately trying to get it displayed again!). If displayed all you do is click on the 'Share' link then when it asks where to put it on your 'Timeline' (why Timeline I have no idea!) just key in 'The Warsash Association' and the content you want 'Shared' will automatically be posted to the WA Facebook Group. The same of course applies if you want to post to The
North America Warsash Association Branch's Group which is an excellent one run by Andre Dubois.

Next All Hands shipping company
I will shortly decide which company, if any, will be featured in AH2018-2 due out in April.
I recently asked members to insert the name(s) of shipping companies they sailed with in their website Profiles. If any difficulty then email to me and I will help you out. This will identify members who may be willing to write an article about their time with a specific company so it can feature alongside the relevant company history in All Hands.

If you haven't yet done this please do so soon. Three company names have been suggested for All Hands so far, Stricks, Bibby Lines and the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand.
Any other suggestions also please let me know.

If relevant information is not submitted it may well indicate members no longer want this sort of content in All Hands.

Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)