Notice 2021/01 - upgraded website back online

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Website Upgrade
NB following the site upgrade will Exec Committee members only confirm receipt of this Notice by email to me.

The upgrade of our website is complete and following a programme of testing it is now back online. Members are urged to further test the site by visiting its many sections and pages, using as many of the links and functions as possible to see if you can find anything which may not be working quite as it should.

There may still be a few tweaks to attend to in the coming days. Should you find anything which seems not to be quite right please email me explaining exactly where and what happened so I can look into it.

The Home page appears much the same as before the upgrade but with a several changes and enhancements made. These are summarised and illustrated in the pdf document which can be downloaded and saved on your computer from this link: WA Website (Composr 10) - Upgrade Notes v1.

In the coming weeks I shall start the second phase of the project which will further modernise the site. I am sure there must be relevant expertise elswhere in the membership so regardless of where you live, if you think you can contribute and wish to take part please do let me know.

Kind regards, Chris Clarke (1959)