Warsash Association merchandise

Members can select and order WA merchandise as mementos of their Warsash days and to publicise the Association. All products will be embroidered with the WA crest.

To see details of products and how to order put your cursor on the "WA merchandise" in the left side panel then click on the UK or Australia pop-up link.

You are advised to discuss and agree product price, delivery charge and date before placing your order with the supplier, especially if ordering from overseas. The WA cannot be responsible for product quality, service or delivery. The recommended process is as follows:
  • Visit the "UK supplier" or "Australian supplier" page (left side panel sub-menu)
  • View and select your products(s).
  • Discuss and agree price, delivery charge and delivery date with selected supplier
  • Place your order by phone or in writing
  • Pay for merchandise either by phone using a credit card (UK only) or by post enclosing your cheque.
If you have any queries please email as appropriate: