Application forms and Members notifying a change of details

If applying to join or you are an existing member who needs to change your personal details please download the appropriate form depending on your country of residence. The address to use and WA bank account details are on the form.
  • If in the United Kingdom → Download here
  • If in Australia → Download here
  • If in New Zealand → Download here
  • If in any other country → Download here

If an existing member go to B) below.

A) If applying to join:
  • Online applications from Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA where we have Branches, will be redirected to the relevant Branch Membership Secretary.
  • Officer Cadets who apply to join are not required to pay a fee until they have achieved their CoC and have returned to full-time employment.
  • All other applications require a Bankers (Standing) Order to pay annual subscriptions to the UK, to be set up commencing on the next 1st January after application.
  • If joining up to the 30th September your subscription for that year requires a one-off payment by cheque or electronic transfer.
  • If joining after 30th September no subscription is due until the 1st January of the following year paid via your Bankers (Standing) Order. For example if applying in October 2017 the first payment would not fall due on the 1st January 2018. Applicants should ensure their bank is aware when setting up their Bankers (Standing) Order.
You may optionally buy a WA tie in which case please contact the appropriate membership secretary as follows: Australia or New Zealand or the UK if living in the UK or any other country.

After necessary checks, if your application is valid the Membership Secretary will approve your membership application and process your payment. If you don't hear within a few days let us know using the "Contact us" menu. Once approved you will be sent login details for this website.

Click here to Finalise your application.

B) If an existing member:

…and you need to notify us of a change any personal details e.g. for one of the following reasons:
  • changed your bank account.
  • relocated to another country.
  • accidentally cancelled your existing UK Banker's Order.
please complete the appropriate form (see above), according to your country of residence, and post it to the address on the form.

…in addition for all changes to personal (not payment) details such as address, phone, email address, please do the following.
  • update your own personal details on the website ("My profile: [click Username]" on the top line of your screen, then 'Edit' tab then 'Profile' (second row of tabs), then scroll to the very bottom & 'Save'.
You will find instructions on updating your personal details on the website via this link to the Help forum → Profile - create/ edit your Member Profile

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