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For ex-cadets, students & staff of Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering, founded 1935 as The School of Navigation, and the Warsash Superyacht Academy

How to apply

Please read the whole of this page before applying.

A) Apply online
  1. After reading to the bottom of this page click the "Apply for membership" link in the left side menu.
  2. Read the contents and confirm agreement to joining conditions on the "Apply for membership" page.
  3. Submit application details online.
  4. If paying electronically go straight to C); if paying by post go B).
B) Manual payment
  1. Download and print the appropriate Application/ Payment form (either UK, non-UK excluding Australia or Australia only).
  2. Pay your joining and membership fees by Bankers Order or personal cheque.
  3. Post completed form with cheque unless paying by Bankers Order to Membership Secretary at the address on the form.
C) Electronic payment

Read how to pay electronically over the Internet here → Electronic payment. If paying electronically you there is no need to download and complete the payment form you will come to later in this process. You will however need to set up a Standing Order for annual payment through your bank to the Warsash Association's bank account. These are the bank details and instructions you will need to give your bank.

Please pay National Westminster Bank Fareham Sort code No. 52-41-32
For the credit of The Warsash Association Account Number 60594810
The sum of 10 GBP (Ten Pounds)
commencing (insert date commencing)
until You receive further notice from me in writing
Quoting ref: (Initials & surname only)

Membership confirmation
  1. You will be sent login details for the website in due course.
  2. After your funds are transferred you will receive confirmation of acceptance with WA tie and membership card.
Please now go to the "Apply for membership" page via link in the left side menu.