Obituary - Commander Anthony Childs RD RNR (Retd) 1944

Commander Anthony Childs RNR (1944) passed away in Hythe, Kent in December 2012. The following is text is taken from Commander Child's website Profile, with small adaptions for the purpose of this notice.

Commander Child saw war service on Atlantic convoys and in the Pacific during World War II. He served in many of Shaw Savill's Liners and sat his Mate's and Master's tickets at Warsash (Southampton). He also served in RN qualifying in the Long submarine course and served as navigating officer in HM Submarine Thule for 2 years as well as on HM Submarines Trespasser and Tapir. Subsequently, after attending Staff Tactical course at RN College Greenwich, he qualified as SOO Submarines in the rank of Lt Comdr and also later served in HM Cableships. After coming ashore he joined the Marine Department of W&J Leigh marine paint manufacturers, subsequently becoming Marine Director. On retiring from the reserve he was promoted to Commander.

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