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For ex-cadets, students & staff of Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering, founded 1935 as The School of Navigation, and the Warsash Superyacht Academy

In Memoriam - Obituary Captain Brian (Ben) John Crawford Jones 1952

This photo of Ben was taken in Wales in 2004.
Ben Jones joined the School of Navigation, Warsash as a Cadet in the Spring term of 1952. From 1953 to 1962 he served with the N.Z.S.Co in cargo, tanker and passenger ships from Cadet to Chief Officer (Training). From 1962 to 64 he took a job ashore but found it not to his liking and later in 64, took up a position as First Mate on an ex Dutch Coaster trading round the New Zealand Coast.

This was followed in 1966 by a year spent as Mate and relief Master on a harbour tug and finally 31 years as Pilot and Senior Pilot at Auckland. Ben and his wife Patricia were able to make the journey back to the U.K. to join in the Silver Jubilee Celebrations in October 2009 but sadly died on the 16 December 2009 in Auckland City Hospital aged 74 years.

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